We can truly say from one perspective that God is a woman. God is Deva. A wonderful statement, is it not? Let us all worship this woman that is mother nature, because within her womb we evolve and come to be strong. If we are to become initiates, to become gods ourselves, then we must evolve out of that womb into cosmic space. We are then born as Buddhas and the whole journey of evolution is the process of interrelating with devic substance until we are strong enough to be born as a tiny child in the Cosmos out there — out of her womb. It is a vast, vast undertaking, and a very, very beautiful picture.

It is ridiculous for human beings to think that they are alone in this universe or that the only other types of life are human beings. Life is everywhere, and as Jesus said, “I come to bring you life, and that more abundantly,” because that is what you see as you open your eyes and grow into this multidimensional universe. Everywhere there is life, everywhere there is ordered sentient being – there is not one speck in this universe that is not sentient – the atom of substance is devic –  it is sentient, and it is evolving. Of course it takes billions of years before it becomes a human being such as you or I, but eventually it will. This is the basis behind all aboriginal beliefs. They all treat mother nature with respect. Whether it be the mother earth that we walk upon, or take as our substance, or be it the trees and all the other spirits. I am hoping that this materialistic civilisation begins to see the wisdom in the aboriginal belief systems and begins to open their eyes as they do, and begin to give nature all of the respect it deserves. Keep your feet planted on the ground and your head held high in the sky. Walk as one and love together.

From the Deva and Angelic Kingdom – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys