In the higher stages of enlightenment good or bad karma seem the same…….

For me that is neither good nor bad, whether you have lots of money, whether you have no money, these are just opportunities for spiritual growth.  Good karma for me is if you find a Buddha and you sit in front of the feet of that Buddha or that Enlightened Being, that Great Saviour and you learn from them how to escape from the realms of karma altogether so you no longer have to be born in these human forms.  Because we are much greater than these human forms – we are evolving into something much greater than this; we are Gods in the making, and good karma is that which allows you to become Gods, no longer bound by petty emotions, desire for wealth and desire for sex and all these things. These things are left behind, think about how much you are conditioned by these types of desires and think therefore how much you are bound by karma. The way to release karma is in the Buddha’s teachings of non-attachment.  Anything that is transient, anything that is ephemeral, anything that is changing you can ride the gift wave of this nonattachment, but you also are not attached to your karma and you take whatever karma is dished out to you wisely with your eyes fully awakened with your eyes fully opened.

From Karma and Reincarnation – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys