All is really energy, all is really energy interrelationship and it is the quality of the type of energy that you respond to that determines whether you are healthy or diseased. This is because the body has a natural balance, a natural harmony of energy. It is attuned to a certain frequency of sound. The auric colours should be quite bright and vibrant. If the auric colors are not bright and vibrant, then you have energy imbalances, you have weaknesses in the body. Energy is interrelated with consciousness and the consciousness is affected by your emotions and your emotional moods. Every time you manifest strong emotions of one kind or another, there you are throwing out of your aura, emotional substance into the general emotional atmosphere. This was explained in my first lecture on the aura and the etheric double. So if you can keep on throwing out these swirls of emotional energy, you are weakening that part of your body, substance is continually being passed out. Ultimately, there is an energy drain in that particular area, be it your solar plexus, or your stomach areas, lungs, depending on how emotional you are and when the energy has been completely drained there, what is feeding the actual organs of your body? Very little indeed. And when there is a sewer to be cleansed out of your body, where does that sewer go? It goes to where there is an energy depletion in the body, an area of weakness, it’s logical is it not? Like water, energy follows the line of least resistance.

When you follow this thought, you can see therefore that you need to control your emotional body, you need to control both your strong emotions in terms of happinesses and your joys, your bouncing around being on top of the world or those negative emotions of sadness, depressions and irritations. Both are causes of sickness, both throw substance out of your aura. Of course it is better to be positive than negative, because positive emotions produce better effects on your aura, because at least the colourings are bright, whereas with negative emotions the colourings are quite dull and grey as all of you know if you’ve been depressed.

From Esoteric Healing – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys