The more knowledge you have of how to channel light, the better you can protect yourself. The more knowledge you have about your aura and the way that the aura works, the better that you can protect yourself. If you can produce a clean aura then you are manifesting less and less opportunity for anything to incarnate into you to influence you in any way. Remember to work on your psychology — remember your emotions — if your emotional interrelationship is the weakness that you have in this area then it will be easy to manipulate you in this area when you are weak in yourself. You are always sending out energies, and when you are sending out energies there becomes a weak spot inside you where an entity can attack you. They attack you on the whole, through your emotions. Learn to become emotionally strong, learn to become mentally strong and if you do so then automatically you are protecting yourself from anything that comes at you including all of life’s problems. Life problems will no longer affect you any more.

From Psychic Phenomonena  – Foundation series – Bodo Balsys