We acknowledge the wisdom from an array of spiritual and religious sources. Our teachings are based upon integrating and synthesising the best from all philosophies and religions. We perceive all these outpourings to have an essential unity The principle sources for the teachings offered by the School are (in loose chronological order):

  • The writings and teachings of Bodo Balsys, the founder of the School. The significant endeavor of Bodo Balsys is to train students to develop the meditative techniques that allow them to come in direct contact with the Masters of Wisdom of their own Higher Wisdom.
  • We draw specifically from Mahayana Buddhism, and in particular its central focus, the Bodhisattva Path- the dedication of one’s spiritual path to the welfare of all sentient beings. The Teachings of the Buddha were revolutionary in their time and continue to be highly applicable to today’s society. The core elements of the philosophy are very important for the spiritual seeker to understand. Of particular importance are its teachings on impermanence, ethics, and the training of the mind through meditation.
  • The writings of H.P. Blavatsky (H.P.B.), 1831-1891, the founder of the Theosophical Society. Specifically studied is her Magnus Opus, The Secret Doctrine, with its two major volumes, entitled “Cosmogenesis” and “Anthropogenesis”, first published in 1888. Later, with the addition of certain esoteric papers, this work was expanded into a Six Volume set.
  • The writings of Alice A. Bailey (A.A.B.) 1880-1949. These were dictated telepathically by the Tibetan Master known as D.K., (Djwhal Khul). We regard the eighteen books written directly by the Master D.K as the major texts for study. They are a synthesis of the best of all previous teachings along esoteric lines, and present revelatory information never before presented in written form to Western disciples (except in highly veiled terms). These are by far the best texts that can give the student an idea of the nature and content of the mind-structure of a Master of Wisdom.
  • The Agni Yoga Books are a series of books written by the Master Morya, via Helena Roerich in a similar manner to the books written by Master D.K. via A.A. Bailey.

Although constrained by the cultural milieu of the day, we believe the books written by Blavatsky, Bailey and H. Roerich are some of the most exemplary Western spiritual writings presented in the modern era and most evidently represent the Minds of the Masters of Wisdom.

  • Experiences and Communications received from Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom (or Council of Bodhisattvas) during meditation by the advanced members of the School. This revelatory information offers direct insight and direction as to the wisest way to serve humanity’s needs. In a similar manner, the Deva Kingdom is also a source of direct teachings and inspiration.
  • The Bible (King James Version) is a highly revelatory text and the basis to the major religious dispensations in the West. It contains some of the highest spiritual Truths ever presented to the world. Students are encouraged to reassess their understanding of the Bible. Unfortunately many interpretations are coloured by dogmatic and orthodox views. We endeavor to kindle a genuine appreciation of the wisdom in the Bible by unveiling the esoteric Truths therein.
  • The various Hindu philosophies form the basis from which many great teachings come, including Buddhism and the various Yoga practices. In more recent times a deeper appreciation of the esoteric wisdom is being re-evaluated in such works as the Secret Doctrine and other investigations in the field of science.
  • The best of esoteric and occult writings in all known fields. These include (but are not restricted to) Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Astrology, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Alchemy, Kabbala and all major mystical, speculative and philosophical writings.
  • The myths, legends and religious teachings of the Greco-Roman era, the far and near East, Ancient Egypt and India, and to a lesser extent Meso and native American and Oceanic-Australasian myths.
  • The best that modern science has to offer- a vast field of human investigation encompassing many disciplines from atom to cosmos.