The aura is a subtle body of radiatory energy consisting of and coloured by the sum total of one’s emotional body. The desire-mind strongly influences the qualities of the aura, generally strengthening the baser qualities. The effect of spiritual development refines, intensifies, and then transmutes auric colourings.

The etheric double is a vehicle of energy (Skt. prånamåyakosha) which envelopes the physical body. In relation to the etheric body, the physical body serves as an automaton. Hence the etheric body is intricately associated with a person’s physical vitality and health. It exists as a band of energy which projects about one quarter of an inch beyond the skin. It is normally coloured a pale violet to grey; the more violet the healthier the etheric body.

The colours of the aura can be analysed thus:

  • Yellow: the ability to think clearly.
  • Lemon Yellow: high spirituality and the ability to think intuitively.
  • Yellow green: teaching, healing and education.
  • Orange: (seen around the head) indicates strong intellect.
  • Deep Green: healing and compassionate understanding.
  • Deep Blue: sincerity and devotion.
  • Violet: psychic vision/perception.
  • Pink: affection.
  • Yellow orange: unselfish pride.
  • Red orange: selfish pride.
  • Vivid Red: rage and anger.
  • Deep Brick Red: sensuality and sexuality.
  • Grey Green: selfish adaptability.
  • Grey: depression, dulled senses, fear and sickness.


*Please note that the audio quality varies as these are live recordings of a group presentation. These teachings were recorded in Amsterdam in the late 1990’s. The material in these recordings are still relevant to today’s society and we hope to include more recent teachings as the web site grows.*

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