The chakras are the doorways to perception, or the doorways to higher perception, the doorways to everything that is. This particular subject is the subject that is the most glamoured of all the subjects in the ‘new age’ occult movement. There are so many teachings and philosophies and people running around with incredible emotions and lots of pride and terrible ideas about the chakras. They think in terms of balancing of chakras, in terms of healing by means of the chakras, they think in terms of kuṇḍalinī yoga and developing of psychic powers and all the rest so that their heads are spinning with concepts of chakras and colours and what the chakras can do and the way they can be awakened and so forth. Most of these teachings concerning chakras is quite bewildering for a lot of new beginners. You have the teachings from the Hindu texts, from Buddhism, from Taoism, and of course from Western Kabbalistic sources. The chakras exist, they are inherent wherever there is manifest form, wherever there is life. Within the human being most people think of seven principle chakras as depicted in the Hindu books. The Buddhists take the same symbolism as depicted there, they haven’t adapted or changed that much. And from that you get all the various distortions of the basic teachings given in Western new age texts, very little of it having any real truth.

Everything is ordered according to chakras. The stars up there are simply chakras manifesting in the body of great Beings, great Logi. This earth system has its own chakra system. The nadis are lines of energy that relate to the petals of a flower of a chakra. The nadis are seen in the Celtic mythology as lay lines, in Chinese mythology as dragon lines. Geodesics has much to do with earth magic. Most aboriginal people can see these lines of energy traversing the earth, and where there is seven or more of these lines of energy crossing each other, there form a chakra, a minor chakra, and where there’s 21 or more of these lines of energy there is a major chakra, a major flower. That is part of the technicality of a chakra, what they are, they’re simply flowers of energy that arise where lines of energy criss-cross, and they produce energy vortices, happening inside and outside of the body.

It’s a vast subject, and I can say quite clearly that our psychiatric units are most exclusively filled up with people who have played around with chakras in former lives and have misused their powers, not understanding what they are or how those energies are evoked. Myriads are the insane that have played around with these fires, associated with these flowers. Some of you have heard of spontaneous human combustion, it’s the same sort of thing. Again it’s the power of each chakra awakening without the individual understanding how to control it, in these particular cases it has got to do with certain weaknesses inherent within the etheric constitution of the individual.

From The Chakras – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys