Esoteric astrology is the science of life. The science of being, everything you can imagine can be reduced or put into astrological terminology. This is a far vaster subject than astrologists understand. This is the science of the future, the science of the new age. The difference between esoteric astrology and orthodox or exoteric astrology is that they deal with the great illusion. The way astrology came about some thousands of years ago, the main form of astrology that is seen as a Chaldean based astrology and what was created was thought forms by humanity over thousands of years and if you have listened to the talk on thought form construction in the astral plane you will know that thoughts are things. And people over thousands of years have created thought forms, created images and its these thought forms and images that exist on the astral realms that people when they incarnate, they incarnate through and build into their substance. And it’s the substance in their auras that condition their exoteric life. The terminology that we use in orthodox astrology, Aries, Taurus etc is the terminology based on Greek mythology on the whole. But the older form of astrology of what that is based on is from the Chaldeans, Babylonians, and the Assyrians. They first codified this way of thinking into the twelve forms of the zodiac. There are other forms as you know, the Chinese form of astrology that I will not be dealing with here.

Now its important to understand that in orthodox astrology, what they are dealing with and I will repeat this; is the nature of the great illusion, the nature of the thought form making tendency of human beings throughout the ages. What they have created on the astral realm they incarnate through, and what they incarnate through and is built in the substance of the aura as they grow up from a child etc, is the conditioning sign or the conditioning qualities of their life patterning. Thus if they are born in the star sign Aries, then they are conditioned or come into incarnation at the particular astral conditionings when this thought form of Aries is dominant and that is built into their substance and it qualifies their life and therefore they can say or the astrologer can say they are Arian or that they are Taurean and they can write a big description on the general characteristics of a Taurean or an Arian. What I am trying to give you is why orthodox astrology works because the substance is built into your auras when you incarnate of that particular astrological conditioning as was created by the minds of human beings over thousands of years. The soul before it incarnates chooses that particular type of astrological substance.

Now the other illusion that astrology is based on is the procession of the equinoxes, as you probably know the twelve signs of the zodiac retrogress, they go from Aries to Pisces and from Pisces to Aquarius, and from Aquarius to Capricorn. This retrogression is based on an illusion again of the apparent motion of the earth around the sun. It is not the reality. The reality is actually the opposite way, what we call in esoteric astrology a rectified wheel. The reality is that everything is going from Aries to Taurus and from Taurus to Gemini. Esoteric astrology deals with both the reality and the illusion, it looks at everything. Only the human kingdom retrogresses through the zodiac because it is only the human kingdom that has created the astral realm. All the heaven and hell states on the astral plane are mind formed are formed by the emotions and minds of human beings throughout the ages and it is that conditioning that you incarnate through and that conditioning that moulds and makes you all equipped of responses as we call it, which constitutes your emotions and your mind.

Therefore while you are immersed in the great glamour, while you are immersed in Maya, exoteric astrology and its signs condition you. But every other kingdom of nature, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the realm of divinity; the angelic kingdom the kingdom of God, the Hierarchy of Enlightened Being and all the other planets and stars out there, they deal with and are influenced by the proper astrological conditionings associated with the stars and the planets proper and not as it is manipulated and moulded by human thoughts and human emotions through the ages into which we all incarnate. So, esoteric astrology deals with everything else other than specifically the great illusion but it also incorporates the great illusion into its thinking. So we use the orthodox planets but we also use esoteric planets for those that are working on the path to discipleship, the path of freeing themselves from the great illusion. We also use Hierarchical planets for those that have freed themselves and are standing as Enlightened Beings. So, we actually use three planetary rulers when we are looking at the chart. We are only really looking at the chart of those beings who are trying to free themselves from the great illusion.

From Esoteric Astrology – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys