When we are talking about the Hierarchy of Light and Love, what we are talking about is the way that human beings throughout the eons of evolution developed consciousness and developed into Enlightened Beings. Beings evolve on the path of Love and Light. And when they become highly sophisticated beings through myriads of incarnations and they become a Jesus or a Buddha or all of these other great sages and saints that have worked for humanity trying to help all the kingdoms of nature. When these entities die they don’t simply disappear into a vacuum or empty space or sit in front of God and sing with harps, “Holy Holy Holy”. That would be tantamount to a hell state! Especially if somebody has spent all of their lives just helping human beings or all the kingdoms of nature. These Beings know that to help properly they must band together, working together with heart and hand. They must work together with the collective mind and the collective consciousness — a community of consciousness. This unified collective helping of humanity whether they are in incarnation or out of incarnation, we call the Hierarchy of Light and Love. They are working together with a unified consciousness, with one heart to help humanity and all the kingdoms of nature to evolve.

From The Hierarchy of Love and Light – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys