In meditation – we walk and meditate all the time so we don’t really have to sit 24 hours like some of the great yogis had to do in seclusion and in a cave or a jungle retreat or enclosed space like a dungeon where somebody is feeding you every now and then.  Your enclosed space is your body and everything that happens to your body is that dungeon. As you are walking around your meditation mind is alive, awake, vital and communicating with multidimensional space. What we are teaching you to do is to be meditators as you are living your life, as you are breathing the air around you, – vital life, vital breath, you are devoted to it, you are obeisant to the impulses to the Lords of Life and you’re joyous as you give outwardly and as you receive inwardly.  Everything is free in the world of meditation and that’s the beauty of it, it doesn’t cost you anything.

From The Way of Meditation – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys