By Bodo Balsys

Paperback, 315 pages, 20.5cm x 14cm.

Published 1989

This volume of The Revelation presents the more practical aspects of the Teachings. It describes how one can actually develop the perceptions and abilities through meditation that will make the Revelations associated with these books a conscious reality. It thus incorporates the Prospectus of The School of Esoteric Sciences. The School exists to serve that that seriously endeavouring to thus work.

The first three chapters of this book have been adapted for use as separate pamphlets that are introductory to the School of Esoteric Sciences, and are available as such to the general public. The fourth chapter is in the nature of some poems that had their Genesis in the mid 1970′s. The fifth chapter consists of the mantrams used at the School, plus some of the communications given (telepathically ) to certain members of the School by those members of the Hierarchy who have graciously endeavoured to instruct us concerning the Way.  It is over 40 years since the last word was penned by A.A. Bailey and over 100 years since the writing of the Secret Doctrine – now, more can be given from the same Hierarchical sources. Chapter six is a 117 page glossary of esoteric terms that will allow the student to better grasp some of the terminology and philosophy presented.

*Please note that we are working on an online esoteric glossary with the latest definitions – make sure you visit this for the most up to date information.


UPDATE:  This book is now considered outdated and has been re-written and incorporated into the new Treatise on Mind Series and the updated information is now available in Volume 6.