Essentially esoteric astrology is the science of Enlightenment, what happens on the path to Enlightenment. If one was looking at a chart of a disciple one would look at the orthodox planetary rulers for their emotions and for their mood swings and things like that and one would superimpose upon that the esoteric planetary rulers which would condition them according to the way they are aspiring towards the Kingdom of God. As I said once they had got there then it would be the Hierarchical Planetary rulers that condition them as Hierarchy as Enlightened Beings completely freed from the three worlds of human endeavour.

We still have an esoteric astrology with various crosses, the fixed cross, the mutable cross, the cardinal cross, the elements which you also see in orthodox astrology they just have the higher transmuted correspondences. Also in esoteric astrology we are also looking at the history of reincarnation, if you are looking at a chart esoterically you are looking at how the consciousness of that individual evolves in many lives. Its rarely ever just looking at that particular life – one has to look at the moon sign for instance that gives you the past psychic condition of the individual and the sun sign gives you the present, the ascendant gives you the future, the way the person is evolving, where they are heading to. So when you are looking at the moon, which is a non-sacred planet, you are actually looking at the influences from past lives and all the aspects of the moon whether it be an aspect or a square or whatever will give you the influences of the past, the past psychic constitution as it is affecting the person. Whether that person is really living in the past or whether they are living in the present depends very much on how the moon is aspected to the sun. Where the dominant part of the natal chart is surrounding the moon, then the person is cleansing sangskaras from the past. Or if the dominant part of the natal chart relates to the sun then it indicates that they are actually living in the present and working mainly in the present or whether it is mainly aspected towards the ascendant then we are looking for the future and that person working for initiation into the mysteries of the Kingdom of God.

And so depending on how the aspects go so we are looking at past, present and future as the major influence of that life. Saturn is karma, it is the Lord of karma. So wherever you have Saturn aspected, so you get karma and the karma will determine how you are going whether it is as aspected to the past, present or future. What type of karma you have and the type of karma that individual is working through. Neptune is 6th Ray and it is a sacred planet and that will give you the testings relating to the control of the waters. If you are highly aspected in Scorpio then that is always a sign for testings into initiation of the mysteries. There is a slight difference that we esoteric astrologers would use looking at the aspects themselves because all you are really looking at in the chart is energies and energy modifications and qualifications in conjunction with the way consciousness works.

Consciousness is what it is all about and the evolution of consciousness. You all know that you have incarnated many times and it is the soul that has chosen this or that vehicle to incarnate, chosen to particularly develop this or that quality with respect to its own evolution on the realm of mind. It is a son of mind within a sea of mind and it works in conjunction with all other souls. There is only one group soul for humanity and they are patterned according to the twelve petals of the heart lotus on that realm they exist in.

Later on also in esoteric astrology you will learn about that 12 creative hierarchies the 12 hierarchies of sentient lives that condition all that is. Humanity is one, the angelic kingdom is another. There are many orders or hierarchies of lives that have gone far past the human in evolution and there are some orders of lives that are lesser than human in evolution and together these ones that have gone past humans in evolution and less than human in evolution we call the twelve Creative Hierarchies and the symbolism of twelve petals of the heart lotus is associated with the way of evolution of these twelve Creative Hierarchies.

From Esoteric Astrology – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys