Incidentally this astral realm also contains many impostors of divinity, many false prophets, many so called sages that are ever willing to inspire or to give information to anyone that in anyway wants to channel information. There are thousands upon thousands upon thousands of deluded messiahs on these inner realms. People that have formally taken a religious path and think they have much to give, they pose as Christs, they pose as Krishnas, they pose as Masters of Wisdom, and they are quite happy to send streams of thoughts to anyone opening themselves up to those thoughts – more than happy. Very few people that receive channelled information, I hardly know of any, even with Edgar Cayce, some of his stuff was very good when it came to healing and not so good for some of his other impressions. Very few receive pure streams of thoughts from high Enlightened Beings. It’s nearly always channelled from impostors masquerading as enlightened beings, because these channelers have not been trained to distinguish one from the other. They do it unconsciously they do it automatically; they do it through their own emotional bodies, through their own astral glaze, through their own minds. Very impure substance there immediately distorts and warps what is has seen, and even if they do see something clearly, then they often get these impostors giving them whatever these impostors wish to give them: UFO information, information on the Pleiadians, it doesn’t matter, God…. And some of it is of nice quality because they are religionists and they have learnt something on the physical plane, they’ve learnt a little bit on this astral realm as well. But high truth? No.

From Life after Death – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys