The Hierarchy of Love and Light is a beneficent grouping of beings who have achieved enlightened states of consciousness through many incarnations using the same steps that each of us must also use to evolve out of the illusion, trouble and oft pain-filled realms of form and into higher realms of light. They assist in helping the evolution of all aspects of all kingdoms of Nature and work as an organised grouping from the realms of Enlightened Being. They exist to radiate energies and Divine Purpose from cosmic sources into the world sphere, to assist thereby to bring all struggling lives to enlightenment. As such they are in Buddhist terminology Bodhisattvas of various grades, who strive to liberate all sentient beings from suffering.

The Head of this Hierarchy is known as the Christ (termed Maitreya in Buddhist philosophy), and from Him radiate outwards and downwards the Masters of Wisdom and Initiates and disciples of various degrees. They formulate “the Plan” for human social evolution working out the possibilities and probabilities of the sum of the evolutionary path for all. This involves taking into account the “Divine Purpose”, the dictates of karma (cosmic, planetary, national, social, group and individual), and the everpresent factor of free will in humanity. On the basis of this Plan they incarnate into humanity to assist where possible to help all achieve their potential in the best possible manner.


*Please note that the audio quality varies as these are live recordings of a group presentation. These teachings were recorded in Amsterdam in the late 1990’s. The material in these recordings are still relevant to today’s society and we hope to include more recent teachings as the web site grows.*

We also recommend that you listen to these as a course in the linear order presented if you would like to keep the original flow of the talks, as they were presented as a series. Please Download these talks rather than stream them off the server.


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