The term ‘deva’ comes from Sanskrit root div meaning to shine. Devas are generally known as angelic beings, resplendent deities or celestial beings. They are divided into many groups and embody the sum of the substance of space, both formed and unformed. They are the great angelic builders of all that we know and can come to see and touch. They are the agents of karma, who in great ritualistic formations circumscribe the mandalic patternings associated with the weft and warp of the fabric of space. They are intelligence personified and build the substance of Being/Non Being into everything they create. They range all the way from the tiniest atomic elemental, through to the brownies, pixies, fairies and the like, who build and paint the flowers and the vegetable kingdom, to the Great Deva Lords that embody the sum-total of a plane of perception and even of Solar Systems and Galaxies.


*Please note that the audio quality varies as these are live recordings of a group presentation. These teachings were recorded in Amsterdam in the late 1990’s. The material in these recordings are still relevant to today’s society and we hope to include more recent teachings as the web site grows.*

We also recommend that you listen to these as a course in the linear order presented if you would like to keep the original flow of the talks, as they were presented as a series. Please Download these talks rather than stream them off the server.


  1. Devas and the Angelic Kingdom MP3 – (19.1MB)
  2. Devas and Angelic Kingdom transcription PDF – (62KB)


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