The existence of seven major psychic centres (chakras) are promulgated in all important meditation texts. They govern the sum of manifest life, together with the vital body from which the chakras stem, and are found internal and external to the human body. All we see around us and can come to know about can be viewed in terms of energy and of energy receptors, accumulators, and emanators. The chakras function as multidimensional flowers that have various colourings and numbers of petals. They are a mechanism or a gateway from the mundane world of our sense-oriented perceptions allowing us to experience the transcendental. They represent the open doors to all the mysteries of heaven and earth, past life experiences and that associated with Enlightened Being.

Lured by the glamour of lower psychicism, the dangers of prematurely awakening the chakras are enormous, with serious karmic consequences, if such awakened powers are ignorantly or wrongly utilised. Considering the significant quantity of misinformation on the subject it is of great importance for the practitioner to understand accurately the manner in which chakras work and how to apply this in their own practice.


*Please note that the audio quality varies as these are live recordings of a group presentation. These teachings were recorded in Amsterdam in the late 1990’s. The material in these recordings are still relevant to today’s society and we hope to include more recent teachings as the web site grows.*

We also recommend that you listen to these as a course in the linear order presented if you would like to keep the original flow of the talks, as they were presented as a series. Please Download these talks rather than stream them off the server.


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