Most people or most healers think that healing of the physical body is what healing is all about, and for esoteric healing this is not necessarily the most important thing. The Healing of the emotional body and cleansing of the impediments of mind is much more important and certainly everything that leads to enlightenment consciousness is what we’re all about. All enlightened beings are by definition or by nature, healers.

Anyone can work at the alleviating of the symptoms of the physical body or physical ailments, trying to get rid of cold symptoms and so forth. A black magician can do the same. Many black magicians pose as healers, they get many devotees through playing tricks with the physical body. What most healers do, or so called healers do is shunt symptoms around. They are dealing with this or that symptom, they suppress the symptom through this or that technique, whether it is with chemo-therapy, or herbal therapy and they later reappear elsewhere in a more virulent form. What I am concerned with is true healing of body, speech and mind, looking at the factor of karma and rebirth also and the way a whole soul evolves from life to life, so eventually that soul no longer can possibly manifest those types of actions that can cause sickness in the first place.

From Esoteric Healing – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys