The definition of the aura is “a radiatory sphere of energy that emanates from the body.” It has no real colour of its own as such. It is the mind that quickly translates it into colour. The colours can also be seen as musical notes, every person has their own musical scale around them-notes of energy. Colour and sound, sound and colour are all that we really are when it is united by consciousness! Everything is transitory everything is illusionary, everything is always changing, and the philosophy of Buddhism is what I am talking about, the transitory ability of everything, and the aura itself is always moving, it is not static.

The aura represents the colouring of people’s emotional moods. Whenever you manifest emotions, you manifest corresponding colours. Habitual emotions reinforce themselves. There are mental emotions, sensuality, and there are aspects of the aura to do with the physical organs. When you are actually looking at person’s aura, you are essentially looking at the way their emotions are, and much can be gleaned from looking at the aura of that person -the aura cannot lie! There is no way a person can possibly hide the state of the aura unless emitting strong emotions, but this, you can also see. The aura is the best lie detector in the world!

From The Aura and the Etheric Double – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys