Don’t get lost in too much worldly māyā, the important thing in life is meditation, the important thing in life is that which produces liberation of your mind, expansion of consciousness, not mundane livingness, not getting involved in what we call the māyā of saṁsāra.  It’s all illusional so do not be attached to it, understand it, work with it, move on – go into high mind spaces, high enlightenment attitudes, awareness states.  Develop a clear mind, open your heart to higher revelations, allow yourself to begin to communicate with Divine entities from sublime sources and learn to distinguish between them and all of the whisperings of dark ones that want to manipulate you to do things that don’t relate to enlightenment or loving attitudes.

It is the development of the heart above all things that we are talking about when we meditate; how to become truly loving, how to become perceptive to all things that are happening to you – externally and internally.  So that whatever happens to you in this maze of māra in this world of saṁsāra, the types of karma that you are flooded with – that suddenly hit you like a bolt of lightening out of the blue to teach you not to be addicted to things of the form.  This is what you are going to become master of, or mistress of, in your meditative lifestyle.  You are also opening up to the great dimensions of perception and great realms of realisation, the inner realms of beauty of great vision of astounding and wondrous entities to befriend you with their gift waves of beneficence and great wisdom and joy.

This segment is from the Foundation Series talks , that can be accessed by this link:  The Way of Meditation – Foundation Series – Bodo Balsys