Amidst the concepts of courage, the most invincible is the courage of the flaming heart, when in full decisiveness, in full realization of achievement, the manifest warrior knows only the path of advance.

So, let each one equip himself with valor, which should be close to his spirit. Happy is the one who possesses the valor of a flaming heart! Everything is easy to such a one, and joyous is the battle under the leadership of the Hierarchy of Light. He will sacredly treasure the weapons entrusted to him, and he will remember all the biddings and indications because all will be contained in the flaming heart and not in dead writings. There will be no necessity to remind him again about the same suggestions and to point out the forgotten shields hanging upon the wall. His heart will be an inexhaustible source of strength. His consciousness will not be divided because the purpose of achievement will be sparkling brightly ahead of him, and all this thoughts and all his aspirations will fly like steel arrows, obedient to the commands of the Hierarchy of Light.

Letters of Helena Roerich, Vol 1, p80.