“Who loses and who wins, who’s in, who’s out—

And take upon ‘s the mystery of things

As if we were God’s spies. And we’ll wear out

In a walled prison packs and sects of great ones..”

King Lear: Shakespeare

We are such stuff

As dreams are made on,

and our little life

Is rounded with a sleep.

Tempest: Shakespeare

We of today’s world, only a few hundred years out of a multitude of primitive feudal eras, and still in one now, only this time using devastating weapons of mass destruction bearing importune and massive consequence, like to imagine ourselves “advanced” and “civilised” because we have a few gadgets and working systems we’ve copied and plagiarized, which we then bend badly out of proportion.

We still struggle. But in a different way. Our time is stolen from us. Our minds are tormented. And like living batteries tapped by weak others who live in fear of lack in a universe of infinite abundance, fail to shine. For the greater, as a result of our attitudes, we do not have access to our own immense resources, be these internal or external.

We are still looking on the ground, wasting our lives distracted from the purposes of becoming awakened beings, truly free and not conned into believing we are, when all the evidence most clearly reveals that we are not free at all but slaves. Our ideas enslave us, our fears enslave us, our ignorance enslaves us, our mortgages and multitude of other credit entrapments enslave us, our bad manners towards each other enslave us, our habits enslave us, and.. well the list is very long. A mirror will tell the story, if looked at with total honesty.

We still have not achieved that lofty imagining that everyone, especially profiteering warmongers and ridiculous, half naked fake women on stage like to voice, but act contrary to the pretense: “World peace.”

And yet archeological digs have found evidence of civilizations in the Pacific Rim, The Amazon and other locations which lasted well over one thousand years or more without any war whatsoever. Whilst we weaklings sometimes, half heartedly pretend to aspire to such a goal, with a rather flaccid and hypocritical messianic fervor, we instead like to live in the empty hope that this myth of world peace will somehow be bestowed, without our efforts or contributions, but despite our adversarial modes of mental infection.

We even encourage people to go to war for peace. Who do we think we are kidding?!

Even later, societies that had fallen into warring and piracy, notwithstanding had loftier ideals than the average dope with a mobile phone ever gives a thought to. And they LIVED these ideals daily as an aspiration to ascend and bring about ascension for all. These “primitives” put their ideals into practice and aspired higher than getting ensnared to a toy gadget. Rather, taking the art of mutual respect to levels so called “modern man,” cannot even begin to imagine.

Even the Vedic era, with its not so insignificant wars, had a culture of SOCIAL MAINTENANCE. Tasked to this were the original Kshattryia, the ADMINISTRATIVE class, later becoming known as the “warrior class,” by those who knew no better and only saw the tail end of administration at work, imagining that’s all there was. War and protracted ill will, poorly conceived plans manufacturing suffering, in the aftermath of when foresight and proper constructive work fell apart from complacency and hubris. As a result of consequences, cause and effect and that favourite word of quasi mystics, karma, India fell into an apartheid era, a perversion of the understanding of propensities; and ambiguated into mere caste slavery that it has still not fully disentangled itself from.

In the world of today, a hopefully more intelligent attempt sometimes surfaces. Sometimes, we find some administrators who do more than just serve their sorry and slowly dying arses. They serve society constructively instead of pillaging. The salt of the earth.

Despite the idle, non contributive cynics, we often find some in formal capacity as administrators found in government, the rare statesmen, fire brigades, police, paramedics, teachers, nurses, various health related services, town planners and the like and so on who have not forgotten their aspirations to SERVE, but who still do their best in not easy jobs. They meet considerably demanding challenges.

People who care are everywhere and more prolific than we would imagine. I mean those who care for more than their own meaningless gratification, complaining about everything and everyone and are idle in things that truly matter; but rather are to be found serving the integrated web of life which supports each individual after all.

When harmony is strategically managed and administered in advance, society and the world experiences greater peace and constructively. And real freedom, the freedom to create.

Foresight is the true strategy, not the last minute knee-jerk reactions that result from a failure to maintain, that then leads war instead. Or any manufacturing of suffering and exploitation of any kind.

Due diligence in the process of maintenance, is an art and science that is still nascent with humanity of planet earth. And that’s the good news. We can build on it.

Notwithstanding that it is incontrovertibly self-evident that the more skilled the administration, the less the likelihood of conflict erupting, still excremental circumstances are manufactured by some who like all those of dark mind in the histories before will disappear permanently in the ignominy of insignificance. They failed to create!

Enlightened and awakened foresight is the realm of the true warrior. Mostly, among the greater warriors, no conflict is seen, as they are warriors of peace, administrators of harmony, exerting their skills constructively, creatively and with immense vigilance mostly unseen, unsung and unheard of. The result that emerges is visible, but too often taken for granted.

A well placed, firmly intentioned word can often de-escalate destructive behaviour very promptly. The best fight or war, is the one that needs not be fought. The one that does not happen. This largesse does not usually drop from the sky by accident. It is the result of true and impeccable skill executed consummately, by those who dare.

To have this power, you must know yourself.

How other do you get to know yourself than by going through a process of learning the backup, and this with integrity to not use it gratuitously, but only when dire necessity demands it. Then the moral fortitude to withdraw, when the use of either force or skillful means is no longer required.

Are you such a one?

Give it some thought. What are your contributions to a more harmonious world? Are you always struggling and playing catch up? Or worse, merely chasing after inane self-serving scratches of some itch or another?

If so why? Where does it get you, this endless pursuit of the butterfly of a happiness that you never seem to catch?

Do we really think that internal equipoise will ever come from collecting more things?

Could it be that we need to stop, look, listen and alter some modes of practice and how we relate with each other?

Do we find ourselves blaming? Or taking responsibility?

“Tempus fugit,” said the Romans. Indeed. Each precious moment wasted in mental panic over externals is one moment irretrievably closer your death, and one that you will never reclaim.

Conversely a lucid moment of respect, made by the power of a clear mind despite external anxiety is a moment that captures the whole universe and stops time in its track in the eternity of a millisecond. Such moments of true wealth are the only wealth you get to take with you.

To what extent are you reliant on self-propelled guidance from your core? Or do you need constant external stimulation and policing, without which you would fall into an array of greater misdeeds?

Policing does not add to enlightenment, but to resistance. Heavy handed policing, when it is not a desperate last call necessity, not only adds to crime, but usually is participatory to adding to crime because it will often engage criminal activity. Crime does not, and cannot, solve crime.

What does?

Awakening minds and hearts! Self-motivation. When people are properly ministered to, well cared for, and constructively engaged, the need for backup, enforcing and policing, will tend to minimise and reduce. Creation adds to creation the same as destruction adds to destruction. Each is a trajectory that is both addictive and hard to stop once it starts rolling.

William Blake’s poem, Jerusalem, speaks thusly..

“… Bring me my Bow of burning gold;

Bring me my Arrows of desire:

Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold!

Bring me my Chariot of fire!

I will not cease from Mental Fight,

Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand: (I sincerely hope he was referring to The Sword of Life and not that of death!)

Till we have built The City of Peace…”

Beneath this poem Blake inscribed an excerpt from the Bible: “Would to God that all the world’s people were Prophets” Numbers XI.Ch 29.v.’

So there we have the clues to administering core values in society and by extension, the world.

OK, so where does it begin? Where else than at home, with yourself. If you can not get that right, nothing much good will follow.

When common sense prevails, when it becomes common again, respect, courtesy, productivity, compassion, egalitarian values, tend to make proper and just law mostly self-administrating as a silent agreement of minds and hearts. This is because human life is an interactive participatory exercise and not a spectator sport. Misbegotten individuals with warped minds who seek to work, in ultimate futility many thousands of times harder in attempting to bring about injustices by imagining that one day they will rest on the sweat and blood of others, without consequence, will fail faster. These who wreak havoc in the world and ultimately upon themselves, striving stupidly and desperately whilst drowning, instead of learning to swim in the ocean of life and teaching others how, perhaps are not past learning too..

Avoidance of obvious common duty begets mental and spiritual blindness which leads to fear. Fear begets distorted thinking, which leads to imposition and thereby attracts reprisals. Before you know it, you have a conflict .

Nobody has ever won a war. Just as with divorce, everybody loses and this usually unequally. A proper study of wars reveal that they protract until there is no energy left to sustain them. For a war to begin it requires a mind unwell, unclear, ambitious and riddled with various cancers such a hubris, elitism and all the vices that follow the downward spiraling slippery slope and feed these cancers into calcification and ultimately into the abyss of the great death from which there is no return. To propagate, it requires the infection of other minds, sufficient to coalesce into a mass of confused and irrationally frightened beings.

As sentient beings, we each carry the burden of responsibility to all live life as impeccably as we know how. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…” has import and meaning from which no-one is exempt.

But the art and the study of life, one which is truly free and indeed possible for everyone who is breathing, is that of mitigating obvious consequence bearing errors of behaviour we all innately know, will lead to bad things for all concerned, without the need of anyone proselytizing.

The Way of Light teaches the arts of identifying and stopping conflict; contention of all kinds, whether inner or outer, personal or global, large or small; and all other self-destruct pathologies which invariably lead to no-good. The Path of Wisdom is the refinement of the skill of generating harmony from conflict, dynamic and actively skilled transmutation. In meeting mental and psychological toxins full on, and with skill changing them into worth, it leads to self-mastery by developing strength and the numerous skills of restoring and maintaining harmony. There is a distinction between having the lack of discipline to fall into anarchic chaos, and those skills of mitigating such rot from setting in.

Every sentient being occupies a unique position of influence in time and space. That very uniqueness gives you a perspective that is entirely yours and which nobody can take away from you. Not even in death. You need no weapons. Your mind is your weapon and how you comport yourself. How you respond. No weapons in the universe are more powerful. No-one can take these away.

Administrating for harmony is the way of the peaceful warrior. It does not require any special qualification and even with one’s rough edges, on a day-to-day basis, one can strive to be more conscious and simply do one’s best. It can make immense and pivotal difference in outcomes in the scheme of things. A great many small better outcomes combined will lead to better great outcomes all round. Don’t underestimate the value of small difference in great outcomes. However, it is usually the very small choices that give us the greater challenges and test us most sorely.

Administrating for peace is not out of reach, or the sole jurisdiction, or repository of anyone in particular. It does not require courses of study, or special qualifications. Anyone at all can contribute daily. Great or small, you can make a difference. Simply do what you know to be right.

Just do it.

It will add to harmony.

With reverence thine acts and looks adorn,

So that he may delight to speed us upward;

Think! This day will never dawn again!

The heavens are calling you and wheel around you,

Displaying to you their eternal beauties,

And still your eye is looking on the ground!


Naught but a gust of wind is earthly fame

Which blows from this side now, and now from that,

And as it changes quarter changes name

. La Divina Commedia – Purgatorio: Dante Alighieri

“There is no-one between me and the Creator,

I do what I know to be right..”

Ta-Shuunka Witco of the Hunkpapa

– Nev Sagiba  (www.aikiblue.com)