Beings of a life unseen,

Silent goddess, Radiant queen,

Speak in tones of white and green,

Speak in song, an elixir heard in dream.


See the past and future unite as one

All the thoughts and desires of man undone

See their fiery will and malice come

And stay hidden like the jewel inside the sun.


Never faltering in your work

Refined the tapestry of this Mother Earth,

Precision binding every thread

Between soul and person (in darkness)

Bind the living and the dead

Till the heart they find and love the All instead.


Seeing the sound of our emanations,

Hearing what we are.

Ida of creation,

Builders of all form,

Lords of the green,

Mothers supreme,

Forever toiling.

In all ways graciously respecting,

Theirs is the will of God.

Behold the products of their endless striving,

All that is manifold; above so below.

Reflection of consciousness,

Your form is a product of our will,

May you be forever beautiful,

I, forever still.

Bathing in the symphony of my heart,

Caressing and Purifying your every part.

Free from the chain saws of

Society’s collective emotions;

Mutilating you.

Forever light, may you be.

Resounding the song of the Heart;

Love’s infinite truth.