The Chronological year begins with Capricorn: the opening of the doors of karma via the ruler Saturn. The essential component is the resurrection of substance via loving activity. The Cardinal Earth sign connoting initiatory brilliance via mental interface with the fabric of matter known as Earth. Aspirational Will lifts up the hardest rock upon the tallest mountain into space to observe the distant vistas of insight.  The resolution of all karmic exigencies in loving embrace.

This year is particularly poignant due to potential pseudo-apocalyptic eventualities prophetically portended through the mysterious art of scrying as demonstrated by such seers as Nostradamus. Prophecy is a process rather than a time line. 1999 passed without a major glitch. Watch for inner realm karmic entities streaming towards Earth through the eye of Cronos and setting in motion the law of cause and effect upon the many millions presently resident here.

This year offers distinct possibilities for those whose awarenesses are not circumscribed by the physical plane. The doors of karma must open now. Subtle relativities will resolve into inevitable certainties. Thought and circumstance must resolve all events in the timeless dance of final resolution leaving …Love. Supreme and all persuasive all pointy bits knocked off as the great gem floats in and beyond all space and time.

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