“Grace befits all those who wait”

A term(line) you’ve yet to contemplate

When in time all is undone

Then indeed you are the sun.


Finely woven threads in time

Become undone that were once entwined

Silver crystal shining beacon

Listen clearly, to you I’m speak’en:

To vaster cosmic threads entwine

And let your old threads of mind unwind.


Grip my pearly silken thread

For you are next in line to wed

Forget you brides, all could be won,

And wed with me, we wed the sun.


Splendid vistas radiant shores

Infinite promises of vast encores,

Spewing forth in infinite number

Like rising foam after the thunder

All in a greater Mother’s embrace

Do you see her shining grace?


Boundless countenance of kind resolve

Echoes long a wisdom old

To bring forth in all goodness, however bold.

The kings of men and queens of shining countenance to behold.


Shall the audience now turn and look away?

Even though these titans herald day?

In their arrogance and self concern,

Believe their little minds the greater,

And others scorn?


Feeble minds and feeble wills,

Peddling their feeble thrills

To ensnare more feeble still

For hide the truth, the darkness will.


What a power to manipulate

To cause their feeble minds to hate

And keep them always looking down,

So to their feet does fall their crown.


See in this a simple sign

That you are, in fact, divine.

And with your will in equipoise

Your heart it smites and overthrows

All would be false and would be foes

Uniting all in bright repose.




Doubt comes before the fall,

Know the truth and stand you tall.

Do not bend yourself to fame,

Bind yourself to silent name,

Silent name, featureless face;

For your heart holds all your grace,

And thank the fortune of its truth,

For revealed to hearts of same embrace;

Are secrets pure kept in this place.


What to do with diamonds pure?

Don them on a ring to bare?

In scepter, or crown placed in the hair?

No, a diamond’s truest power is lost

If ruling with oppression at freedom’s cost.

A diamond is a jewel to cherish

In the crown who love for all does wish

And draw to earth the purest power,

So into all hearts than can it shower.


Pierce the veils, reveal the truth,

Within them lies the ancient youth,

With all your efforts to find in there,

You cover it and look elsewhere.

Who are you to think you know?

When all you know is your own show.

Who are you please see your hair,

Flow into a past you seldom stare.


Do you know your hearts own chord?

A boat you’ve yet to climb aboard?

It sings a sailing song so sweet

A sailing song of oceans deep

Of still and calm and vast and wide

Of midnight sea and midnight sky.