The purpose of our will must be clearly understood.

Forget all you know or think that you would.

Drink the elixir of Gold that I bring,

and hail the one and only king!


The Devas are blessed by divine birthright,

To sing the songs of power and might.

That bring all form with pure delight,

Into manifestation and into sight.


We are not concerned with time as you know it.

The cycles are infinite; in the fabric of time we sew it.

The threads pass in and out of your vision,

So long you cannot see beginning or end or wherefrom.


Many hairs or fibers small are spun into threads long and tall.

Spinning again then weave back and forth,

Stitch up and down in and through this colored cloth.

See you now this layer of space,

The deva hierarchy is woven grace.


Speaking a language little understood,

Try if you will try if you would.

Learn our songs, dance our dance,

creative, divine; love’s expanse.


Ritualized order, manifest silent power, we do not waver

‘Till your emotions do shower.

With destructive wills you do disturb,

Our secret purpose, with selfish nerve.


You don’t see us but we serve you,

Know your heart and serve us too!

Help us be the universe,

Do not fight expanding truth.


In Union, All in Light prevails,

Of the coin we are head and tail

Do not think you are all that is,

For we are Nature, the All that gives!