Bind yourselves to the sword. Do not dwell, do not quell.

Intrinsic deep in heart you’ll find, a strength incomparable, a blinding art to fight.

A radiance so sharp, it splinters the air,

Commands pronounced resounding afar.

Rise upon your horses.

Mount your challenges well.

The Master has sounded his call.

Heed your challenges well.

There is no question about any of you now.

There is just time, time to tell whether the flesh is weak

Of whether instead you choose, collectively, to charge, charge, charge.

Take charge of your devas, take charge of yourselves

There is no more infighting, because too much is there to do to transform hell.

My warriors work in myriad of ways and our brother especially would do well to never avert his gaze.

The same can be said of you all-

That upon those horse you must ride.

This is the visioning of the third to come, a group third never done.

What we ask of you now, there is only a window of opportunity to perfect.

The tension must mount and the heart must plunge deep.

The vastness of space will present itself before you, and a laser light luminosity will see you before it.

So upbeat it is, keep your own pulse in check

Initiation too is self check and express.

A spiritual adult you must be

No more herding flock,

Spiritual adults that act in tune to Hierarchy’s clock.


Be fearless in flight, daring in might, deep in love and joy resounding too.

Strip naked all of you from petty woes, and you will see Hierarchy’s kingdom grow and grow.

In light and in right before on the ground.

Later much later only will you see that around.


– Master Morya, Feb 2010