Entwined with devotion is the desire to serve

To rectify all once perturbed

The cycles of a past forgot

DB cycles, a karmic lot


Work the furrows in the ground

Sow the seeds and wet them down

From Atlantis, seeds of old

Have changed into another mould

Increased beauty and refinement too

With predilections of a violet hue.


The group must firm-en up it’s mast

For the rocky coast to pass

When you’re on the open sea

You will sing a song to me,

A song of the stars as they stare down

And light the firmament all around

To pierce into the silent depths

And strike the murky mud from rest,

For in it’s darkened shadows lurk

The evil eyes of all you’ve fraught

Seeking their own recompense


How leviathans lurk beneath you

In dark abyss, please don’t seek you

Where light cannot e’en penetrate

In the darkness ever they wait

Can you call them from their depths?

And haul them into silvery nets?

Do not be mesmerized by siren’s singing

Or to their murky depths you’re bringing


In the darkness know your truth

And understand your cosmic youth.

For your paths are yet to stray

Upon horizons to mark the way