Strip yourself bare

From the folly you wear

Instead stand attuned

To the jewels that you are to shower

And become nothing more

Than the gift waves of love

The revelations that make you

A mosaic you will be.

Piercing together but a glimmer of me.

Sacred we trust, in you is a must.

Dance it with glee,

With ears wide open.

No longer to the din,

Distance from the dross,

Hear only the myriad of calling we give unto thee.

A sacred universe of magnificent manor,

But again we must assert to you.

Do it not with too much flair.

Light saturation it must be

Onto the heavy DB.

In mind in heart in body in breath

Become the uncontainable breast.

You mother it is, from whom you are fed,

Take no succour

In beating your own chest.

Lay your pride down,

Such a tawdry tune it does play

Oh such dynamic grace

Is the face that knows not its own hue.


– Ruth Fitzpatrick