Who are the Masters of Wisdom? What makes a master of Wisdom and what do they do?

The Hierarchy of Love and Light

The Hierarchy of Light, of enlightened Being, is a beneficent grouping of people that have triumphed over the limitations of matter, using the same steps that each of us must also use to evolve similarly out of the illusional, trouble and pain-filled world into the higher realms of effulgent light. They have advanced further than most of Humanity on the spiral of evolution, thus serve as spiritual guides to all. They help the evolution of all kingdoms of nature, working as an organised grouping from the enlightened domains. The head of this Hierarchy is known as the Christ in the west and Maitreya in Buddhist philosophy. Associated with him are the Initiates and disciples (Bodhisattvas) of the various degrees, according to their capacities and qualifications. The Hierarchy is also sometimes known as The White Brotherhood, the Council of Bodhisattvas that have vowed to liberate all sentient beings from the realms of strife. They are initiated to differing degrees into the mysteries of being/non-being (of the Kingdom of ‘God’/Shambhala). Those that have mastered all dimensions of perception associated with the sum of human evolution are termed Masters of Wisdom (Initiates of the fifth degree). Similar, but of a lesser (fourth) degree are Adepts, then enlightened beings, down to the probationary disciples and aspirants within the ranks of Humanity. (From which the Hierarchy have emerged.) They therefore exists in a hierarchical structure, with groupings or ‘Ashrams’ of the Masters of Wisdom for each of the major Ray and sub-ray lines.

They have formulated the Plan for human evolution, and express the divine Will of ‘God’ into the realms of form, working out the possibilities and probabilities of the sum of the evolutionary path for all. This involves taking into account the dictates of karma (cosmic, planetary, national, social, group, and individual), and the factor of human free will. (Thus nothing can be dictated by them, but rather they arrange the available karma so that in the long run it produces the best outcome.) Via the basis of this Plan (often projected over the course of millennia) they incarnate into humanity to assist where possible to progress the potential of aspects of civilisation in the best possible manner. Individual members of Hierarchy work completely cooperatively according to the dictates of the law of Love, pursuing an at-oned evolutionary path through helping others reach to their level of attainment before they can move on. Some of these great beings have evolved beyond the capacity to incarnate into physical form, and they watch, protect and guide, from the inner realms, but others are still on the wheel of karma, thus undergo cyclic incarnation. When incarnate members of Hierarchy may be conscious of their esoteric place within the Hierarchy, but more often do not, and simply work according to their chosen service, to improve the world, unaware of the guidance and assistance they are receiving from the inner planes. Consequently they may be materialistic scientists, doctors, teachers, writers, activists, etc., all who are actively working for the betterment of humanity in some way, and who work against social injustice and the inequities in our civilisation. They consequently can be found in all religions and professions, and may be atheistic, theistic or occultists. When conscious of being serving members of Hierarchy and their role in the scheme of things, they usually form a group working directly with inner plane contacts. Occasionally these groups have as their Head Masters of Wisdom who have incarnated specifically to form and work with such groups, and in this way the service work that needs accomplishing is best met.