The secrets of being/non-being lie hid in the mystery of numbers. They are not illusions, but relate to the platforms of awareness that make things definite. They establish identities, that which is definable, according to certain patternings of expression. They veil also that which is undefinable. They exist in their own right as formations, and yet there is a continuous stream of resolutions of all numbers culminating to points.

Every fraction makes up part of the whole of another number, so one can look to its progress to infinite smallness or even to its unlimited scope for expansion, to produce the exponential expansion of wholes to infinity. All depends upon which way the continuous stream of numbers flow, e.g., the number can refer to going forwards or backwards in the stream of consciousness. Consciousness is being delineated because consciousness divides beings into streams of numbers, of definitives. It constitutes the process that makes up the identity of a number, but also the fractions that make up a whole.

This means that a number can be included as part of something else, e.g., the thinking of Logoi. Consciousness is thus a stream of order of little spheres, bindus, or beginnings of things, to produce round culminations. (Thus we have such conceptions as “the mundane egg” from which the cosmos originated.) Each division or unitary something is but a fragment or portion of the overall maṇḍala of being/non-being.

(from Chapter 5 Cellular Consciousness – Bodo Balsys)