The Soul and the Personality


Following one of  Bodo’s talks, I desired to give you an analogy to explain, following my modest knowledge, the Soul and her way of working/learning/being so as to better understand the relationship between the Personality and the Soul.

Note: As I consider the Soul as a Being in itself, I refer to it in the feminine terms she and/or her.


I pondered the question of the Soul and found an analogy which is illustrative: the violin. The violin has a “soul” within its body (in French: “l’âme” du violon), created by the violin maker for which he has chosen the type of wood and perfected its geometric form. (It is a tiny cylinder of wood placed within the violin called ‘soul’ post). The ‘soul’ will give the violin its incomparable ‘inner’ sound. The violin maker, using his unique skills, very carefully places it through one of the openings (called the f sound hole) of the instrument under the bridge supporting the strings and within the sound box. The ‘soul’ works and responds with vibrations. It is what gives the violin its unique ‘voice’.


When the violinist is playing, the form of the violin is important and is involved. The strings, the bow, the bridge, the fingers of the violinist, his thoughts, the knowledge of the piece he is playing, all of these will add their impact on the result of his performance. The ‘soul’ of the violin is not directly involved but is the real consciousness of the violin. It is the result of all of the above. It will contain the nectar/essence of all actions performed on the instrument by its instrumentalist.


Your body is the violin that has a Soul. All actions, emotions, thought processes will produce a sort of nectar or essence which will be absorbed by the Soul. The Soul collects only the essence of all you do with your instrument. It does not contain the details of what you have done. These are stored according to their field of actions, be they physical, emotional, psychological, mental or spiritual. The level of their vibrations are held in the centres created by the crossing of all nadis in a hierarchical manner. However, the essence of it all will reach your Soul and your Soul will ‘grow’ with it giving you the constant ‘Desire’ – or not – to evolve towards higher field of consciousness if you play the violin according to her Desire. When the Soul is truly happy you know it immediately as it is a supreme Joy which makes your heart so open and enveloping everything… The feminine aspect is very strongly felt in this experience.


We could imagine that the form or energetic structure of the Soul is like a transparent membrane  made of the same energy as the nadis. It has a specific shape according to each individual. It is linked directly to all the thousands centres of the energetic body through the nadis with the help of the Devas, whatever the level of evolution of the person. A hierarchy of Devas bear the consciousness of the nadis. At each intersection of nadis, you have a nucleus with a devic intelligence working there (absorbing, digesting, transforming all energy work which has been carried out). Each connection is for a specific consciousness.


The membrane is differentiated by its brilliance according to the richness of each level of actions of the individual. It (the Soul) is what helps you to activate your abstract mind/Mind according to the Essence of what you have learned and integrated.


Your Soul contains all of what is you in Essence and that you will never lose.. it is YOU for Eternity but is evolving constantly.

It is an ascending state.. In one word she is becoming more and more beautiful with a brighter and brighter glow!


All violinists say “the older the violin, the sweetest the music”. All vibrations from the beginning are stored in the soul of the violin and formed an energetic/spiritual membrane which gives it its unique sound. It is well known by the lovers of Stradivarius violins..


Your Soul is one of the Divine parts of you as a Being. It contains the billions of devic memories which form the real YOU. She is the Essence of your inner symphony. Perhaps the voice of you as an Angel…


– Eliane Clarke