What is Love esoterically understood? Union with Cosmos?

The love spoken of here is not the emotional love spoken of by lovers, which is the love that binds. Rather, here the subject is the love that liberates. Consequently it is ‘Clear’ of all passions and distorting emotional influences upon the mind. It is ‘Cold’ because the ‘heat’ of desire and passion does not exist in its domain. It is pure ‘Reason’ because consequently it knows how to compassionately help the other without thinking of itself, or by illogical circumscribed thought. Thus it knows how, when, why and what to give at the right time to produce maximal benefit to the beloved. (Here generally conceived of in terms of other than just another person.) Also, it reasons out far greater causes for suffering than just that which afflicts specific individuals, as the evils of the entire world’s civilisation then comes into view, and how its problems (or major aspects thereof) can best be solved. Hence comes the Bodhisattva vow of Buddhism, to never cease striving until all beings have been released from suffering.