Your words are sweet, your heart is true but do not let these things imbibe everything you do. A social conscience will consistently overrule the need for the gentle and loving approach.

A focused blast of truth can swiftly cut down through the miasma of pleasantries that we think are needed. To cut deep and bleed light is better than to fester with the bubbles of grey on the surface. If you can cut off their legs they will learn to fly!

Don’t be afraid of cutting yourself either as sometimes life can be a double edged sword. The outpourings of such injuries will be of benefit for all.

There is no room for fear in the heart of love, as fear produces holes in which the vitality escapes.

Use these words to guide your heart. Meditate on them and not so much on the details – they will fill in as you travel.

From Master Morya Dec 2009