Aquarius is amongst the most important constellations for our planet at this particular time. Typified in its most exalted forms by all important group awareness divorced from any sectarian or partisan viewpoint. Low grade and undeveloped form signified by superficial assessments and abiding self-interest. Evolutionary development- the former – takes the Aquarian towards the universal wisdom of Pisces. Involutionary development- the latter – takes the Aquarian downward into concrete material hells of Capricorn. We will see more of the former and the latter as the Aquarian Age develops.


Notice that individual signs can be assessed dualistically according to their form of manifestation: involutionary or evolutionary: going forward or backwards: upward or downward.


The 2 bands of stars in Pisces and Aquarius mirror each other: the symbol for Aquarius represents the dynamic/electrical like quality of inter-relationship so special to this sign: much blending and fusion here.


Rulers: traditionally Uranus and the violet 7th ray hence potentially the power to manifest but esoterically ruled by Jupiter the power of Love.


The waters of Life are poured out of the pitcher of the water bearer and through the Lion’s (Leo) mouth upon humanity. The exact identity of the water bearer and the true nature of the waters in the pitcher remain upon the outskirts of human knowledge. The risen Christ is said to assuage the spiritual thirst of humanity with the water of life. Astronomical conveyor of the energies contained within the pitcher is the Pole star: a distributor of energies from the Great Bear, the 7 Rishi’s who oversee all space and time.


Most people consummate their lengthy cycle of multiple incarnations in Aquarius as world servers thus escaping from the wheel of re-birth that way. A few escape as world saviours in Pisces: a more difficult option. Once upon the fixed cross of heart development (e.g. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): the life of the serving disciple, evolution propels the being through Aquarius, as the last of the fixed signs visited, to the 3rd initiation to relinquish all personality concerns.