Aries is the gateway to the 1st ray of Will or Power traditionally associated with Mars the God of War but more profoundly resonating to the emanatory source of all mental activity: the energy of Buddhi. So the mental pre-eminence of Aries as the initiator of all mental activity veils its Airy (Buddhic) dimensionality.

Air fans the fires of mind and resolves all mental activity into the harmonious unity of pure inspiration. Much predisposition in the denser realms to war-like activity which must be guarded from at this significant time for our planet.

The energy of Will and Power is available to the sanctified vessel (an Initiate) that has extirpated all war-like tendencies and resolved them in the intense vibrancy of still, icy air. All wars must eventually be internally fought to vanquish the lower self and to fill the darker realms of space/time with scintillating light as all great warriors must do.