Esoteric Astrology – Cancer: A maligned sign that does not give up its secrets easily. The watery conduit for the First Ray of Will or Power: think of expansive and concentrated outpourings of watery lives deluging incarnate existence.

It is the empowerment (but not necessarily the control) of the solar plexus centre as a complex of watery life. Called the gateway into incarnate life Cancer provides the power of the 1st Ray to facilitate the process of watery interrelationship upon which the whole incarnation process depends.

Think of the matrix of watery Love sustained and vivified by Neptune’s Trident. Without this astral/watery impulse there would be no physical; and hence our Universe is sustained by Cancer.   Alas, most human units experience Cancer as mass or instinctual consciousness but it has much more to offer than that if you can ascend its watery beams to the source of all life itself.

More information on esoteric astrology can be found in our talk on esoteric astrology. This talk encompasses all the signs of the zodiac and has an accompanying transcript for those who would like to take notes for further investigation.

Thanks to the Tibetan: Master DK.