Esoteric Astrology – Gemini: As with the two preceding signs Aries and Taurus, Gemini is a conditioning sign where exceedingly powerful subjective energies are generated. These signs’ primary focus is causal. Phenomenal influences are in the form of effects. Pisces is presently ‘the end’ of our zodiac and therefore the following three signs (Aries, Taurus and Gemini) are ‘the beginning’. This affects all existence.
The air signs are signs of human relationship and Gemini fulfills this requirement admirably. The mutable signs (Gemini is the predominant one at this time) produce change in time and space with the view to expanding the influence of the Christ life: that scintillating white energy that permeates all space, known to human units as Love. Technically the energy of Gemini is behind all twelve signs as they are all seeking to establish relationships and Gemini provides the lines of communication that make this possible.
Gemini resolves all pairs of opposites into a fluid synthesis. This gives Gemini an enduring capacity to Love and can give access via this sign to the most sublime energies of interrelationship. Gemini demonstrates the cosmic principle that Love is the Second Ray of the number 2 but in finality it is the number 1: synthesis, unity, the First Ray of Will and Power.

More information on esoteric astrology can be found in our talk on esoteric astrology. This talk encompasses all the signs of the zodiac and has an accompanying transcript for those who would like to take notes for further investigation.

Thanks to the Tibetan: Master DK.