Esoteric Astrology – Leo: The sign of the Sirian festival Leo is the physical Sun, the Heart of the Sun, and the Central Spiritual Sun: the only sign whose three rulers (Exoteric, Esoteric, Hierarchical) are the same. The most self-aware sign of all, the Lion knows he/she will determine their own destiny. Three tiers of energy in ascending order: orange delineates the Physical Sun type occupied with material existence, gold determines the Lion following the path of the Heart, and finally, rarely, the scintillating white of the Christ light determines the expansive horizons of the glowing orb that is the consciousness and aura of the Initiate who is touching the Central Spiritual Sun.

Remember the Sun rules our whole solar system and is the ultimate local distributing agent for all the other planets. Neptune distributes energies from the Heart of the Sun and Uranus distributes energies from the Central Spiritual Sun. Sirius focus’s on the Earth during August via Regulus the star called the Heart of the Lion.

More information on esoteric astrology can be found in our talk on esoteric astrology. This talk encompasses all the signs of the zodiac and has an accompanying transcript for those who would like to take notes for further investigation.

Thanks to the Tibetan: Master DK.