PISCES: Complex, enigmatic, challenged: the life of the expiator of all past life Sins.

Keynotes of this sign relate to the journey of our Soul who first in emanating from its Monadic source finds itself bound by the material world of the incarnate personality – hence the fish swimming downstream. Then, after aeonic development in countless lives, the Soul reverses its orientation and focuses back to its monadic source thus bringing in to the incarnated life the path of final redemption: the incarnate lives that make up the personality are to be released into a higher state of consciousness – hence the fish swimming upstream. All world saviors through sacrifice achieve this redemption and they are represented through this sign: a more difficult path than that of the world server of Aquarius.

So firstly bondage and captivity in the astral sea or the lower mental worlds leading to materialism and even the plutocrat then, on the higher cycles, renunciation, sacrifice, death and redemption: the path of a Savior: the ultimate path for a human unit.

Traditionally ruled by Neptune (Jupiter) indicating the psychic sensitivity and mystical quality of the sign, but properly and esoterically ruled by Pluto revealing the Power and Will paradigm of the sign orientated to material influence or spiritual sacrifice in life of SERVICE.

The real Piscean is strictly Plutonic.