An exceedingly important sign esoterically as it oversaw the enlightenment of the Buddha.

Cosmically related to Aldebaran: the eye of the Bull, the conferrer of Illumination. This is the sign that most completely represents Desire. After Space, Desire and Mind are the 2 most powerful forces in the Universe. On the Path desire becomes aspiration and Aspiration becomes Will. Rulers are exoterically Venus – the mind, esoterically Vulcan: the forger of the Weapons of the Gods. Natives reel under the hammer blows in Vulcan’s forge as their minds work first to gain that which is to be desired by thought and then by thought to let go of what is desired.

Generally exemplifies the odd ray lines along the ida which paradoxically are mental physical in their orientation and not the Love-Desire energies of the pingala. The 1st-ray aspect of the Bull leads to construction…. or destruction: forging the chains of Desire or the keys to Life. Close relationship to Pleiades who represent the Mother and reside near Aldebaran near constellation of Taurus, and Great Bear that represents the Father. Taurus is the key to desire as represented by our system which is the Son between the Father and Mother and Taurus can demonstrate all 3 aspects depending on which way desire goes up or down.

Thanks to the Tibetan