The Evolution of Consciousness is talk 07 as outlined in the series of talks given in Brussels, the Heart of Europe.

The essential purpose of life is to awaken Buddha-Mind through increasing expansions in consciousness. The nature of consciousness expansion is explained in this lecture.

Below is a general overview of the lecture.

  • Evolution is a vast subject – and not purely scientific – an introduction to the idea of evolution.
  • Primitive ape man – the soul and individualisation
  • Our current position in time is an extremely small portion of our evolution
  • All the other planets in our Solar system are also still evolving – ie Mars
  • The moon – known once as  ‘the mother of the earth’ – what happened on the moon to make it as it is today?
  • Evolution involves many levels of human units, and starting from mineral kingdom through to animal we see how our consciousness is taken through all these levels of being
  • Evolution is governed by intelligence and enlightened beings – not chance
  • What we think is human is actually borrowed from the Deva kingdom
  • We really are here to gain wisdom for our Monad – starting with consciousness and then through the soul and onwards
  • Evolution is about losing the concept of ‘separate’, and gaining group consciousness
  • How you live your life is what is important, and understanding the chakras and your energy body
  • The path of evolution is learning how to control your emotions and act always in a loving way

If you would like to know much more about this subject in detail, A Treatise on Mind Volume 1, 2 and 3 explores the nature of the Samsara and Sunyata interrelationship, questioning the foundations of logical inquiry and scientific application of the consciousness.

The book titled A Treatise on Mind  Volume 4 delves deeper into the mind and is a detailed tantric work which answers many questions the serious practitioner may have as to the nature of mandalas and their relationship to the process of awakening.  In volume 5A and 5B The Tibetan Book of the Dead is thoroughly interpreted using esoteric methods to illustrate the significance of the peaceful and wrathful deities and their significance to the awakening of consciousness.

Here is the link to the talk, which can also be downloaded from our Audio Downloads Page.

The Evolution of Consciousness MP3 Format (21MB)