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One who studies the various branches of the esoteric sci­ences, the nature of the phenomenal universe, as well as the subjective causes to all this outer seeming. See Esotericist; Eso­teric sciences.


The (Gnostic) name for the seven-vowelled universal prin­ciple, the consciousness-aspect Personified.


A Gnostic term for the Eight Divine Aeons or Spiritual Powers.

Olympus, Mt.

The abode of the Gods in ancient Grecian philoso­phy.


The mantric syllable that is the Word of liberation of the consciousness aspect. The second syllable of the Sacred Word, that of the Vishnu or Christ aspect.


The most im­portant of the mantric phrases, especially sacred to the Tibetans. It invokes the compassion of the all-merciful downward looking One (Avalokitesvara). The word mani means radiant jewel, that is the foundation of manifest space, Padme, means lotus blos­som (chakra) and Hum, brings the en­tire expression into con­crete action through the power of the Heart.

One about Whom Naught may be Said

See THAT Logos.


The Greek term for the serpent of wisdom, of the eternal du­ration of the space-time continuum. It is often depicted biting its own tail.


(Greek) He was a celebrated hunter that was placed as a con­stellation in the heavens after he was killed by Artemis. The name means “from the water of the Gods”. The constellation is of importance because his Belt (Orion’s belt) is the Source of Systemic Vitality (Akasha).


The Waters of Space. The Greek version of the Roman Uranus.

Outpourings, three

This refers to the three stages of the Creative process by a Logos. The substance of the planes of perception is first poured forth. (The first Outpouring, related to the Mother aspect.) Then the many streams of Life, the twelve Creative Hi­erarchies, that embody the con­sciousness-aspect is poured forth to animate these planes of perception and find their fields for evolutionary activity. (The Second Outpouring, related to the Son aspect.) Finally at a certain stage of evolution the Third Outpouring of the Father or Spirit aspect happens to cause the In­dividualisation of a human kingdom on Earth. This results in the path of active return we call Initiation into the Mysteries of the King­dom of God.


The Egyptian God of Light and Resurrection, and who presided over the weighing of the Hearts of the deceased. The first person of the trin­ity Osiris-Horus-Isis.

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