‘The Role of Discipleship in the 21st Century’, the latest talk from Bodo Balsys in Brussels, explores the importance and nature of service for the contemporary disciple and spiritual seeker.

Service to Hierarchy and service to Humanity are of central importance to any path of Enlightened Awakening. This talk explores the importance of service for contemporary practitioners and spiritual seekers and and a true understanding what Love really means. It also emphasises the relationship between service,  karma and group evolution in a spiritual path in the 21st Century.

‘Discipleship in the 21st Century’ introduces the following themes:

  • Service work as the heart of the Bodhisattva path & central to gaining enlightenment
  • The humbling and sanctifying nature of service
  • Service, particularly Group Service awakens the Heart Centre
  • The seven rays inform how disciples serve, as does their karma and level of awakening
  • Service and the Hierarchy of Enlightened Being/Masters of Wisdom
  • The cleansing of karma as a form of service
  • Service as a central means to awakening higher perceptions and chakras

More information can be found on Karma in Karma and the Rebirth of Consciousness in the Publications section. Be sure to listen to the Foundation talk on Karma also.

For more information on service see the Alice Bailey Books, in particular, Discipleship in the New Age Vol 1 and  2. Glamour: A World Problem and Initiation, Human and Solar Other Alice Bailey Books are also good references on this topic.

The upcoming series of books to be published by Bodo Balsys in 2013 will provide extensive information on the topic of service work, karma and initiation, as well as a greater understanding of the mind.

Here is the link to download the talk “Role of Discipleship in the 21st Century”. (2 hours Duration, 35 Mb file size, Mp3 format)

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