The fire of desire will build a mighty pyre

Do you want to knock it down or do you want to build it higher?

The answer is simple as it seems, on the surface the answer gleams

But to dig down deep and face your fears, to snuff the the flames of all these years

Is bound to be hard and yet still end in tears!

Be done it must, we all start now

Not asking when or asking how

Desire be gone! Pride can go too

It’s everywhere – in me and you

but the level of which all that it is, is partly the answer to this quizz!

Limber up, get ready to jump, the stakes are high, the athletes plump

Time to trim off all that fat – time to wear the initiate hat!

Glory be this day of mine – we salute you all with the waving of wine.


From The Buddha – Wesak period 2010