This is an introductory class given by Bodo Balsys from the School of Esoteric Sciences in Brussels to his students regarding the Mysteries of Initiation and what that really means when one is treading the spiritual path. A brief overview of the topics covered in the talk are:

  • Understanding of the mysteries of Initiation is key to understanding the life process
  • The structure of the human kingdom – animal man, emotional man, intelligentsia, aspirants, disciples
  • The Path of Probation and the nine headed hydra and the first initiation process
  • Initiation has always been inherent in our societies
  • The path of probation and the 1st initiation – the three heads of the hydra
  • aspects of money testings
  • aspects of material comforts
  • spiritual law vs physical plane law
  • the second degree initiate
  • battling irritation and imperil – developing calmness and serenity
  • aspiring to a higher plane during the 2nd initiation
  • the series of tests involved with each initiation – mastery of the emotions
  • the third initiation – mastery of the mind, touches on fourth and fifth initiations as well

More information on Initiation can be found in our teachings section under initiation. Alice A Bailey also describes the process of initiation in her book “Initiation, Human and Solar” as well as “Rays and Initiations”. Bodo’s book, A Treatise on Mind, Volume 6 also describes aspects of the initiations in more detail. His upcoming publication, “The Way to Shambhala” will go into even more detail about the process of initiation as well as explaining the Hierarchical interrelationships  involved in this aeonic process.

Here is the link to the talk “The Mysteries of Initiation”

Here is a link to the  page about the 9 Headed Hydra that is mentioned in the above talk.

It is a great idea to get more familiar with the aspects of the hydra, so that you may become more aware of your motivations and behaviour. There are many degrees of subtleties within these aspects, and as mentioned, the process of initiation can actually empower aspects of the hydra that you were previously unaware of, or thought you had mastered / gained control over. It is a process of constant evolution and learning by experience. We highly recommend reading the above mentioned books to gain a greater understanding of the whole process and therefore avoiding some of the more serious pitfalls that the spiritual seeker can fall into.

Reading also “The Labours of Hercules” (also by Alice A Bailey) is a great series of insights to the astrological element of the testings given and how they tie in with the whole process of human evolution.