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The fourth of the Vayu’s (Winds, pranas) in yoga philoso­phy. It is described as “the control of the nadi from the nose to the top of the head”. This coordinates the various pranas, and when it is prop­erly controlled, breath becomes a ve­hicle of the mind, of the creative Word and of the artistic vision. Udana is the organ of speech. Its colour is violet blue.


Water Nymphs, the elemental Dævic Lives that are found throughout the watery envelope of the Earth, in our streams, rivers and lakes, the substance of which they embody in totia. They take definite feminine shape in nude form, created by waves of energy. One of the four classes of elemental forces constituting the Alchemical Elements, the other three being, Salamanders (Fire), Sylphs (Air), and Gnomes (Earth).


The material basis or carrier of something less material than itself, usually pertaining to Deity.


The most esoteric portions of the Vedas.


Men who have vowed to preserve the principle edicts of Buddhism without formerly having entered the priest­hood.


Female lay chelas.


The serpent (cobra) wound round the Sun disc, and is also found upon the headgear at the third Eye region of the Egyptian God Osiris, and of His earthly counterparts. It symbolises the awakening of the full enlightened Vision and Wisdom associated with the opened third Eye, the serpent power.


The Roman version of the Greek God Ouranos, meaning the heav­ens, unbounded time. In Esoteric Astrology, the Plane­tary Ruler gov­erning the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic.


(Hebrew for “fire of God”) The second of the Archangels that are the agents (fingers) of Varuna, the Lord of the Waters of the Cosmic Astral Ocean, and hence of the Energy of Love. This Raja Lord embodies the substance of the Monadic plane (Anupadaka). The alchemical Element attributed to Him is Air, and His colour is Silver-White.


Meaning “Star of the Morning”, thus Venus, but here more specifically, The Mother of the World, the great Blue Deva Lord out of whose substance all things are formed. She signifies the Womb of Light that is the hope of the future.


The sacred grove on the bank of a river where the Lord Buddha gained His enlightenment.


The protrusion on the crown of the head de­picted in paintings of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. It symbolises the place of entry of the highest fires associated with the enlight­enment-consciousenss.

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