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The second Alchemical element, the externalisation of astral sub­stance, that of the sixth sphere.


A religious festival commemorating the parinirvana of the Buddha. It is held on the first (Taurean) full Moon in May throughout the Bud­dhist world and increasingly so in the West. It is one of the most im­portant such occasions in the spiritual calendar, for on this day the Bud­dha reappears to our Earth and externalises His Energies upon the mental plane, to be absorbed and rightly distributed by the Hierarchy of Love to all. He is said to appear at a certain valley in the Himalayas to those (the entire conclave of the Hierarchy) that annually gather there, physically, astrally, and upon the higher spheres. The Great Invocation is a mantra that is Sounded out during this pe­riod by the Christ (the Bodhisattva) for the resuscitation of the substance of the Earth and the bringing about the aims of the mantra.
It is one of three main spiritual Festivals held by the Hierar­chy of Light, the other two are the Festival of Goodwill held in the full Moon of Gemini, and the Festival of Easter (the Festival of the risen Christ) held in the full Moon of Aries.
Indeed, each full Moon period is a special time of meditation and concurrence by the Hierarchy to make use of the available Energies pouring forth from the respective opened zodiacal gate.

White magic

The control of the forces of nature by means of co-op­eration with the greater Deva Builders, and Lords of Life. It in­volves travelling the right hand path, and thus the awakening of the powers latent within the chakras in right sequence and or­dered development. It necessitates the grounding of all in Wis­dom and Love, and obeying all the precepts and rules of training that will allow one to become a fully liberated be­ing, a Bod­hisattva, and hence a member of the great White Brother­hood, the Hierarchy of Love. See also black magic.

White magicians

Practitioners of white magic, as opposed to black magi­cians.


The energy of the first Ray, the energy of the Father aspect.


The word “Witch” is derived from the Anglo-Saxon term wicca, “to know” and wikken “to divine”. It concerns “natural magic”, worship of the Mother Goddess, and of the forces indigenous to Nature, hence of the horned God, Pan. But this form of obtaining Wisdom or Divine knowledge has been distorted by many, degenerating its rites into forms of sex-magic. Most (or could I say all) modern day “witchcraft” really concern forms of black or left hand magical practices, even of those who consider themselves “white”. Their psychism, magical incanta­tions, emanations and methods, generally evoke grey pranas or are used by black Sorcerers for their own ends.

Look at the motives of the practicing “witches”, there is very lit­tle altruism or Love developed. Whenever there are magi­cal practices that are basically utilised to serve the self, the ob­taining of power or domi­nance over elementary lives for any self-willed purpose, then you have black magic in practice. Many who are converted to witchcraft are lured by the “glamour of Mystery”, by sex magic, and the lure of quick de­velopment of basic psy­chic powers, all of which assist the schemes of the dark brother­hood. Be not deceived, all forms of teachings that offer rapid development of psychic powers, and that focus upon the lower psyche, lead eventually to the dark path; all shades of grey are but as­pects of the left hand path.


A beast of prey of the dog family. The “wolf” is the traditional neme­sis of the “good shepherd”, for he preys on the “sheep” that are under his care. Hence, the Wolf symbolises the adepted mem­bers of the dark brotherhood, the Sorcerers.

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