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In the Rosicrucian philosophy the term refers to one who is a probationer to the Mysteries.

Zen Buddhism

(From the Chinese Ch’an, and Sanskrit dhyana.) A school of training of the mind fully developed in Japan though founded in China by the first patriarch, Bodhidharma in the 12th century A.D. It emphasises meditation development (Zen), and the means to sudden enlightenment (satori) through various spontaneously manifested, though apparently illogical devices, such as koans (seemingly nonsensical poems).


The Father of the Gods in Greek mythology and who ruled the Heavenly realms at Mt. Olympus, the abode of the Gods. He is the equivalent of Jupiter.


The Kaballistic term meaning “shining”, or “the radiant one”.


The band in the heavens that contains the constellations of the twelve signs (of the zodiac) that delineate the path the Earth makes in its yearly journey around the Sun. The twelve signs of the zodiac are: 1. Aries the Ram. 2. Taurus the Bull. 3. Gemini the Twins. 4. Cancer the Crab. 5. Virgo the Virgin. 6. Leo the Lion. 7. Libra the Balances. 8. Scorpio the Scorpion. 9 Sagit­tarius the Archer. 10. Capricorn the Goat. 11. Aquarius the Waterbearer. 12. Pisces the Fishes. The reader should peruse Esoteric Astrology by A.A. Bailey for further information con­cerning these, and for all other astrological information along Esoteric lines.


One of the oldest extant Kabbalistic texts.

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