Think of Light not of darkness!

Think of Hope not of despair!

Work with your soul consciousness.

Work like the eagles in their lair.


Ô Warriors! Defenders of our Might!

Charge on the lords of the dark faces

Remember! Your swords are of Light 

and your heart is the vessel of Faith.


Wherever you go, We are with you!

Whatever you say, your words are Ours.

Whatever your battle, We combat with you.

We guard you, even in the small hours!


Recognise Our call in each slice of time.

Hearken our sound in the silent hours!

The trumpets of Destiny echo your strive,

the manifestation of Beauty is Ours!


In the ocean of Cosmic Harmony

the waves of Love sway our influence!

Stand firm on the boat of Hierarchy!

In Our very names, sow Our true Essence!


OM!       OM!       OM!


– Comm. from Master K.H. and Master D.K