A prayer for the Disciple

///A prayer for the Disciple

A prayer for the Disciple

Dear Lord,

Help us to raise above the ocean of the personality

Give us the strength to achieve all our endeavours

Throw away our lacks and feebleness in search of Verity

Bring us the fundamental Truth for our soul to savour.


Our united hearts create the Mandala of your Divinity

The depth of our manifested Rays is anchored in their true colours

Our creative Minds adorn the sky above, between now and Infinity

The pure Flower of our soul swirls its scent around, healing all horrors.


We ride firmly our Steeds of Light wearing the white robe of the Knights

Around the lake of Initiations our common jewel float with Serenity

We have vowed to reveal your incandescent Face.

We have vowed to wear the colours of your Divine Love.

On the way to the Bridge of Dawn, we race,

ready for the battle, our bright swords raised high above.


Dear Lord, Humility and Joy are part of our dutiful life

Service is the unique task we perpetuate amidst Humanity

Ready are our hearts to survive all wounds and strife

We bow to your Grace and Love in the Morning of Infinity.


– Comm./prayer received  from Master K.H. for Groups.

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